I am doing that time-consuming annual job of reorganizing Christmas storage, that turns into reorganizing nearly every closet.   I used to enjoy this task.  It was like pre-spring cleaning and I loved the sense of order and accomplishment when it was completed.  But now, with five children in our home (and two of them under 3) the job seems to take twice as long as more messes are created while I frantically sort things to donate or store in plastic containers.

Nevertheless, as I began moving things in one closet, I shifted a large pile of blankets that set off a tender string of thoughts.  The first was, “We are so blessed.  Not only are we warm and comfortable every night, but we have a stack of unused blankets.  Something is wrong with me storing blankets…when someone, somewhere is cold.  Sure we need a couple for occasional guests, but this is overkill. We have to donate some of these.” So I began pulling each of the blankets off the stack and trying to decide which should go to Deseret Industries.  But then my mind strayed again as I thought of how these blankets testified to how loved and cared for our family is.  Many of the blankets are handmade quilts, or colorful afghans.  I thought of each of the sweet people who had taken the time to make something to warm my family, and my cheeks started to feel wet.  I thought of others in the world who are lonely, and who feel unloved.  Those blankets made me realize the storage of love that is in my home. 

I did find some blankets to donate, and decided I would photograph all of them for our memory books so that none will be forgotten.  (Note to family members: none of the family heirlooms were donated. :))  I will be posting a week-by-week list to help you build your preparedness / food storage and two of the items for January are blankets and sheets.  If you need some for your home storage, now is the time to buy since linens are on sale.  If, like mine, your inventory shows you have enough to share, I hope you count your blessings and donate some to those in need.

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2 Comments to “Warm a heart with a blanket”

  1. Brandy says:

    So true! I also have a hard time getting rid of homemade blankets. I try to sort them out often, but I love the memories and care that goes into them. Well, I’m going to go through mine and see what I can do. Thanks for the beautiful sentiment.

  2. Oh so true! This is a nice post. I find it very difficult to part with things other people have made for me, too. Plus I always wonder if someone in the family will need them as soon as I give them away. I have such a desire to not have “excess” while so many people need, but then we are told to have a storage supply … it gets hard to know how much is enough, doesn’t it?

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