Wendy DeWitt Food Storage Presentation

You can’t do a Google search on food storage and not see Wendy DeWitt’s name.  She is a well-known and respected lecturer on preparedness, and specifically food storage.  She has created a food storage method around planned meals to suit your family size.  Wendy and I have a mutual love for vacuum sealing, which she also demonstrates. Here are copies of her “Everything Under the Sun” book on food storage. The downloadable video of her seminar (that refers to the book) is linked below.  DeWitt is a wealth of knowledge on food storage, and she has been using these methods for over 20 years.  I love that she so generously shares her wisdom and experience by offering these resources at no cost.  The seminar is in 9 parts on YouTube.  I have made it into a playlist, so all of the segments are together.  Just e-mail me at kim@allaboutfoodstorage.com and I will send you the playlist to view them all. 

Update: After much encouragement, Wendy has created a DVD of her food storage presentation entitled Sensible Food Storage: Storing the Foods You Love to Eat that is now available at amazon.comfor purchase.  This is well worth the reasonable cost of the DVD.  It’s a wealth of information!

Click to download Wendy DeWitt’s printable presentation:  EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN 2010 VERSION

and her new condensed version: Everything Made Simple (Wendy’s Condensed Presentation)

The seminar above can also be downloaded, and burned to a disk here.




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12 Comments to “Wendy DeWitt Food Storage Presentation”

  1. Tauna says:

    Kim, thank you so much. I feel like I’m pretty good at knowing my food storage stuff, but wow, I had never heard of this lady. She’s awesome! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Carolyn says:

    I just spent the last hour watching the whole seminar. Thanks for the link!

  3. […] included copies of Wendy DeWitt’s fireside burned to DVD and printouts of her “Everything Under the Sun” booklet […]

  4. Joan Larson says:

    I am trying to down load Everything under the sun. When we tried tp down load it did not all copy.
    Thanks Joan Larson

  5. Linda Lindsey says:

    How can I buy the dvd. It works better to watch it on the TV. It is a wonderful help and i want to share it with my kids.

  6. Kim says:

    Wendy has always shared her demonstration for free, to the best of my knowledge. So, I’m not aware of a DVD that has been produced. Most people just copy their own DVD of her presentation from the internet (you can use the link from my site). I hope this is helpful.

  7. Catherine Graves says:

    While Wendy may share her information for free, there are many like me who would be more than happy to pay for them. It would be so convenient and helpful for me to be able to enter my information and then buy a DVD- READY to Watch. To download each of 9 segments, burn them onto a DVD- that may not be able to be viewed on a TV easily (some only can be watched on computers) is a big hassle.
    I’d love someone to make the DVD’s available for sale, so I can send a “hard copy” to friends that are interested.
    Also, my mother is older and would like to see it but isn’t comfortable enough with her computer to go to Youtube and find it/ watch all episodes, etc. and I don’t live in the same city to help her.

    I really think the message that Wendy DeWitt has to share is so important and necessary and I think there is a big market for DVD’s for sale!

    Thanks for considering it~
    Catherine Graves

  8. Kim says:

    For those who have asked about purchasing copies of Wendy DeWitt’s presentation, it is now available at some retailers including Deseret Book.

  9. joyce says:

    We saw you at The Queen Ceek North Stake last evening.

    Very interesting and informative…

    a woman asked about gluten free products. Yes, They have cake mixes and cereal etc. in most stores.

  10. Dan says:

    I saw your presentation today on BYU TV. I’m 23 and I’ve been wondering how I should go about doing food storage for my future family. Thank you for posting your free manual! I will definitely refer to it a lot.

  11. dawn says:

    i watched one of your seminars and you talked about using a jar vac and that you could find it on qvc i looked and could not find one at all i have a vac for bags but not jars and i was wondering if there was a chance that you could give me the name of yours and maybe i can go to them directly please let me know thank you

  12. Gail Rich says:

    Dear Wendy, Thank-you so much for your info. We are learning to can and the food is great. One problem is I end up with 1-2 jars that never seal. I wipe my jars good & do heat my seal any help would be appreciated. Thank-you

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