If you are still slow to warm up to dehydrated foods, try powdered applesauce.  It’s not only a great baby food, I use applesauce all the time to cut the fat in my baking. Substitute half the fat in a recipe for an equal measurement of applesauce and you can save a lot of calories and improve nutrition. I store both bottled applesauce and dehydrated applesauce, so I can always have it available.  The benefit of dehydrated applesauce is no waste.  If you aren’t a prolific baker, you don’t have to open an entire bottle of applesauce to reduce the fat in one recipe.  You can just mix up what you need. Storing dehydrated applesauce  is a simple way to ensure healthier eating during a time of need.  The can is 46 oz. and yields 46 (1/2 cup) servings.

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