There are great resources on the web for keeping track of your food storage inventory.  One of my favorite sites is  Here you can find printables to be inserted in a “household notebook” to track pantry and freezer inventory, as well as fantastic printable pages to organize every other aspect of your life.  Since it is important to use and rotate food on your shelves, these printables make for an easy reminder of what to pick up the next time you are in the store.  And, they’re a great way to track what your family actually eats.  Again, why store what your family won’t eat, or what you don’t know how to prepare?

I am putting together my own household notebook for our food storage and busy life, and my family is finding it a very useful resource.  Our kids can easily find the list of their friends phone numbers, take-out menus for local restaurants, information on school events, etc.  It helps to have family and household information all in one place and really cuts the clutter.

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2 Comments to “Organize Your Food Storage”

  1. Tracy says:

    Thanks for the link. I will be printing out these forms. There are lots of other handy forms, eh? I have bookmarked the site.

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