In addition to storing dried beans, I like to store dehydrated refried beans.  It is the fast-track to restaurant-style beans perfect for burritos or chip-dipping.  The thing I love about dehydrated beans is that you can easily alter their consistency.  I love runny refried beans (especially served with spanish rice!).  They make a fun, late-night nacho snack.  The picture above shows some from Alison’s Pantry that come in two varieties, one is smooth and the other includes some whole beans in the mix.  The other benefits of dehydrated beans are that they are pre-seasoned, and they only require water.  Super convenient! 

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One Comment to “More Bean Cuisine”

  1. Kim N says:

    Yum! I have some in my food storage, but I have never tried them because I never run out of cans of refried beans. Eh hem. I think I would panic if that were ever to happen. I will have to give the dehydrated ones a try!

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