This comparison chart for hand and electric grain mills is really helpful.  I have a WonderMill that I love, but have been shopping for a hand grain mill to use in the event of a prolonged power outage. I was sold on the Country Living Grain Mill until I saw this list.  Now I am leaning toward the Wonder Junior because it appears to be just as good for over $100 less.  Thank you to those at Kodiak Health and! Click on the image to see it full-size.


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One Comment to “Looking to Buy a Wheat Grinder?”

  1. I have a family grain mill, which is not on the list and own the wonder jr. I LOVE the family grain mill and like the wonder jr okay. The family grain mill is a bit bigger and more expensive, but it has an attachment for my kitchen aid and it works on an almost daily basis. I do have to run the wheat through twice to get a fine enough grind for bread though. The wonder jr doesn’t ever get it quite fine enough for my liking, but will work well in an emergency situation. I actually keep my wonder jr in a mid size BOB (thinking a 3 month evac)

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