In the wake of wheat shortages, it appears rice is the next product to send us scurrying to stock up before potential price increases.  Our local new station had this report on Costco stores limiting the number of bags of rice that customers could purchase.

Rice stores well in buckets, #10 cans or vacuum-sealed bags.  I vacuum-seal or freeze pouches of brown rice to extend the shelf life.

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3 Comments to “If it’s not one thing…”

  1. Kim N says:

    My friend just came over yesterday to tell me about this on her way to Costco…they were out. Her brother-in-law had just gone to Sam’s Club and purchased every 50 lb. bag that they had…700 lbs. worth and they are going to borrow the equipment from the cannery to seal it in cans. I am hoping to get some before then so I can join them.

    Does brown rice have a different shelf life than white rice?

  2. Ginger says:

    Yes, brown rice has more moisture in it than white rice and the self life is shorter. So vacuum pack or freeze it to extend the life, and use it and rotate it often. It will probably be good for 1 -2 years.

  3. Kim N says:

    How can you tell when brown rice has gone bad?

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