One of my favorite ways to stock the pantry is by pairing grocery store “loss leaders” with manufacturer or store coupons.  “Loss leaders” are the extremely low-priced items that grocery stores advertise to lure customers into the store.  They are almost always located on the front or back page of grocery ads, and savvy moms across America plan their weekly menus around them.  It can pay to plan your food storage inventory with these items too.

For example, last week our local Albertson’s store had Quaker products advertised at 10 items for $10.  This included their new Nature’s Harvest All Natural oatmeal, regular Quaker oats (which are a food storage staple), a variety of granola bars (perfect for 72-hour kits as well as school lunches), Life cereal and several other items. Recent Sunday newspaper ads included $1 off coupons for multiple Quaker products.  By pairing the coupons with the in-store loss leaders, most of these products were FREE.  This is a great way to build food storage fast, and on a budget.

Remember to watch store ads for hefty manufacturer coupons.  The stores will print the coupon in their regular ad, but instead of being titled “in-store coupon,” the top will read “Manufacturer Coupon.”  Last week, another local store ran a manufacturer’s coupon for $3 off a $10 purchase of Quaker products.  So this only sweetened the deal on the Quaker products.  The stores allow you to pick up multiple ads and the expiration dates are valid for several months, so savvy shoppers can hold onto some coupons for future sales.

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2 Comments to “Get food for free with savvy shopping”

  1. Wahoo says:

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Tracy says:

    I never knew that those advertized items were ‘loss leaders’ meant to lure my into the store. I am glad for the tip to stock up on these low priced items and to plan my menus around them. Thanks

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