There is something very fulfilling about planting a seed and seeing it slowly erupt from the seemingly lifeless soil.  My humble garden is starting to take off and I am simply giddy.  We built our home about 3 years ago and have never completed the backyard landscaping, so this year I decided to plant our garden all around the edges of the yard.  I am already enjoying the increased greenery from my little plants.  It is exciting to see how a yard can come to life with plants that are not just beautiful, but life-sustaining.  I think I will continue to plant my garden this way in seasons to come.  I want to add herbs now.   I just found that this practice is dubbed “edible landscaping.”  The link is from Brandy at The Prudent Homemaker, who shows me that I still have room to grow (*wink*) with this venture, but I am enjoying the experience.  Brandy is a great role model for this and many other self-reliant skills.  If you are in the Las Vegas area, you can take in one of her classes on edible landscaping or food storage.  Here is a link to her online class schedule:

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  1. Bellen says:

    We did the perimeter gardening at our first home because we had a big, beautiful maple tree in the middle of the backyard shading most of it.
    We mixed veggies, flowers, & herbs. We made sure to plant perennials also. Rhubarb makes a great screen or color accent, sunflowers are terrific to hide an unsightly view (of the compost pile?). The side of the garage became a trellised area for pole beans, sugar snap peas, etc. The neighbors, all in their 50s & 60s and having lived there for 20-30 years, were amazed at how nice our yard looked. We put edible flowers and herbs in the front along with parsley and lettuce edging. We ate well, the yard looked good and it was much cheaper than normal landscaping.

    BTW, this was in the 70s, the beginnings of the ‘back to the land’ era and we lived in a densely populated city in CT.

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