One turn-off to food storage for some is the assumed need to possess extensive cooking skills.  Although there is some truth to needing to know how to prepare beans and other dry goods from scratch and learning simple recipes to incorporate food storage items into your menus, there are other super simple options for those who feel like fish out of water in the kitchen.  I was recently introduced to Daily Bread ready-made meals.  These are individually packaged meals that only require water.   The representatives who showed me the product, Benson and Shane, left me a sample of Daily Bread’s Chicken Teriyakki with Rice.  It was of course very easy to prepare, and was surprisingly good.  All of my kids gobbled up their samples and wanted to know when I would be ordering more.  The company touts these packaged meals as “efficient, compact and easy to store, ready in 10 minutes, and great tasting.”  The representatives also told me that their products have a 25 year shelf life.  So, for a person who doesn’t want to store a bunch of #10 cans of products they don’t know how to use, this may be an ideal option for long-term food storage. 

We enjoy cooking and we cycle all of our food storage items, so stocking a large amount of these ready-made meals as our main source of food storage isn’t the best option for my family.  (Plus, I know my kids will want to eat them for lunch all summer.)  However, they are so handy and tasty that I think they will be a great addition to our 72-hour kits.  They are very light weight and would be perfect for backpackers as well.  And, we thought they would be handy for camping.  Daily Bread also sells dry white and chocolate milk packets, as well as 72 hour kits and portable burners for cooking.  If you are interested in learning more about products and pricing, you can call Benson at 801-941-1645 or Shane at 801-791-0211.  You can click on one of the Daily Bread links above to connect to their site and request a free sample as well.

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