After my post on Strawberry Filled Crepes, I received a comment from a webmaster whose site is devoted to everything you’d ever want to know about crepes. When I perused her site, World of Crepes, I found a fun recipe that I think my fellow food storage junkies will appreciate.  A couple of years ago I bought WAY too much cornmeal for our food storage, and I’ve been trying to find non-cornbread recipes to use it up ever since. World of Crepe’s recipe for Cornmeal Crepes  looks delicious (you can see for yourself from their photo). Fill them with a hearty chili, or chicken with an herbed white sauce and they’ll make a satisfying meal.

Crepes can be filled with another food storage surplus as well.  If you’ve made too much jam (again), bake a batch of crepes and enjoy them for breakfast or dessert with a generous smear of jam and a sprinkling of powdered sugar.

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One Comment to “Food Storage Elegance: Cornmeal Crepes”

  1. Ashley says:

    Kim, thank you for the kind comments. Cornmeal crepes do have a crispier texture that make them ideal for chunkier fillings, as you wisely point out.

    I would like to provide a link to your site in my next newsletter, if that’s okay. I think that my subscribers would like to hear more about the connection between crepes and the use of surplus food, in addition to your great tips about food storage in general. And in looking at your pumpkin waffles (yummy), I’m thinking we need to collaborate, in the future, on a pumpkin crepe recipe! Can you imagine? Best wishes! Ashley

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