The amazing attention that National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers show is garnering is proof that preparedness is for everyone.  You may not have the resources or the knowledge (right now) to prep like the families featured on Doomsday Preppers, but we can all make steps toward greater self-reliance and preparedness for the unexpected.

I gained some insight this week on how we can help each other by sharing our preparedness knowledge.  I received a call from Brian Grobman, a staff member for the Anderson show (as in Anderson Cooper, *gasp*), who interviewed me about food storage and preparedness. Shortly into the call, I realized that a) a family with 5 kids is shocking to our friends in the East and b) there is much that we can share with each other to become more prepared for the unexpected. Brian explained that Anderson would be doing a segment with the Doomsday Preppers cast, and was looking for  a person who could share preparedness information that everyday people could relate to. Basic, practical food storage and emergency preparedness tips.

In our community of food storage bloggers, sometimes we forget that much of our country is just starting out in this process. As fun as it is to share tips on vacuum sealing and how to store large amounts of food in smaller spaces, sometimes we need the reminder that many people just need to hear how to prep a 72-hour kit and store some water. I thoroughly enjoyed my call with Brian, and later with his colleague Katya, chatting about food storage.  I didn’t end up flying to New York to participate in the show with the Doomsday Prepper cast. Alas, they chose Betsy of, who did a wonderful job sharing preparedness tips.  (I’m honored to see that she has included All About Food Storage in her blogroll. Thanks, Betsy!)

Anderson Doomsday Preppers Segment

I love that Doomsday Preppers is drawing attention to the benefits of food storage and preparedness, and that these skills of self-reliance are becoming mainstream. My husband quips that the new pick up line may become, “I can’t think of anyone I’d rather be in a bomb shelter with than you!” Awww…

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  1. Tammy says:

    How flattering that they called you!

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