I am preparing a demonstration on using dehydrated and other food storage foods and would love to hear any questions you may have on these things. I will include the information from the demo (including handouts) here on my site.

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2 Comments to “Dehydrated Foods Demonstration”

  1. Brittney says:

    ummm where to buy and what to buy and recipes (and maybe a little taste?) 🙂

  2. Susan says:

    This may be a bit late, but I gave a food storage class and let everyone have a snack-sized Ziplock bag filled with samples (freeze-dried corn, peas, strawberries, raspberries, apples, ice cream; dehydrated carrots and bananas and mango). They munched while I taught. After the class, we let them go to a buffet-style table with small paper plates and get taste-size servings of foods made with various grains: barley salad, tabouli, wheat bread, millet bread, 6-grain cookies, teff pudding, amaranth, rice pilaf, couscous pilaf, hot grain cereal mush, wheat sprouts, rye sprouts, and more. We had every grain shown in its raw stage so they could see what they looked like. The women went away knowing what Freeze-dried and dehydrated foods taste like, and knowing that they can store a variety of grains besides wheat. We gave them each a quart-sized Ziplock bag of 6-grain mix and some ideas on how to use it. The ladies LOVED the class and many of them changed their “course of action” in storing foods. We gave them a list of internet sources for food storage items, showed them can sizes, bucket sizes, gamma lids, etc. Handouts included a list of all grains and how to cook them (amount of water and cooking), a page on various types of cooking (solar, BBQ, wood, coal, Dutch oven, etc.), a page on sanitation (various ways to dispose of waste if you have no running water), and a few other handouts. We did NOT give out recipes, as we are compiling many food storage recipes for a large handout down the road (but that’s another class!).

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