With temperatures slowly cooling, you can soon store root vegetables and fruits in the garage.  This simple tip can save both money and pantry or refrigerator space.  Watch for sales on potatoes, onions, and apples and buy in bulk.  If temperatures in your area are at 60 degrees or below, then these items will last for months in your garage.   Having these items on hand can save you gas as well by avoiding trips to the grocery store.

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5 Comments to “Another Way to Store Vegetables”

  1. Carolyn says:

    Great tip. I never thought about apples!

  2. Sara R says:

    This is a great tip! But be careful about temperatures going below freezing. My neighbor lost a lot of potatoes when the temperature in her garage went below freezing. I don’t know how apples or onions react to being frozen, but it’s something to watch out for.

    Sara R at the http://mormonfoodstorage.blogspot.com.

  3. Brandy says:

    Okay Kim, any other ideas for what to do with apples. I am making crockpot applesauce tomorrow, but I have 3 boxes full. I will also dry some, but have you ever made apple butter???

  4. You are so fortunate to have access to apples. It seems you can’t find them anywhere in CA this year. If we can they are twice the cost they were last year. I just found your blog and I love it. I’m posting ideas for preparedness gifts on my blog too. I think this is the year everyone will appreciate those items for a gift. Brandy if you make apple butter be sure to use ascorbic acid or fruit fresh as it browns quickly. Don’t have any idea why.

  5. theferrisoneofall says:

    Even the apple butter I have bought at the store is brown. We just made apple butter and it is WONDERFUL! However, it is dark brown just like all the other apple butter I have ever tasted/made/seen.

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