About a year ago, when I was searching for places to buy grains in bulk at the best price, I discovered a company called Alison’s Pantry.  They publish a monthly catalog with a large assortment of products, from easy freezer items to baking and food storage products.  I place my monthly order with my local distributor and then pick it up from her home the first week of the next month.  My payment is not due until I pick up the order, which makes it convenient to work these items into my budget.  

Alison’s Pantry carries a wide range of products, most of which are not available at grocery stores or Costco, and I like having these options.  For example, my family has weaned off of white rice and pasta but I can’t buy these items at bulk prices anywhere in my town.  So, I purchase 10 lb. cases of whole wheat spaghetti or rotelle for $8.99, 25 lb. bags of brown rice for $12.69, and 25 lb. bags of unbleached white flour for $7.09 from Alison’s Pantry.  Other favorite products I buy from Alison’s Pantry include 1 lb. bags of various spices, Sweet Vanilla Powder (If you haven’t tried this, you must–it’s a powdered vanilla that is sans alcohol so all of the delicious vanilla flavor stays in your recipes, instead of baking out.  It’s great in frosting too!), jumbo bags of peanut butter chips and nuts for baking, and chicken bouillion granules that do not have MSG.

I love Alison’s Pantry products, and the convenience of buying food storage items from home.  If you live in Southern Utah and would like to place an order, you can e-mail Brandy Doty at bdotydoty@yahoo.com for a catalog, or you can view the catalog online here: http://www.alisonspantry.com/p_details.asp?PaID=4 and then just e-mail Brandy your order.

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  1. Jon says:

    I’ll have to check this out.

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