I found this little list online from a 1990 publication.  It has some simple, but easily overlooked, ideas to help our families feel more prepared in the event of an emergency.  The article suggested that, as a family, we should know these things:

  • The location of first-aid equipment in the home. (See your pediatrician or family doctor for a complete list of standard medications to have on hand.)
  • The location of fire extinguishers (near doors).
  • The location of shut-off valves for electricity, gas, and water.
  • The location of emergency water supplies (storage tanks, water heater, waterbed mattresses).
  • Where important documents and valuables are stored, both inside and outside the home.
  • Where to meet if the home is so damaged or dangerous that family members must leave or cannot enter the home.
  • The best method of escaping the home in case of fire (practiced at intervals).
  • Who is responsible for which younger members of the family.
  • How to perform basic first aid.
  • In addition, most families keep near their telephones the numbers of the doctor, hospital, paramedics, fire department, police, civil defense authority, Church leaders, and neighbors.

The article lists other helpful ideas on safety, estate planning, and basic food storage as well.

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3 Comments to “Things to Know”

  1. Michele says:

    We have organized an Emergency Preparedness Binder in which much of this information is listed. We have made it available to our ward members and used it for our Super Saturday.

  2. baby says:

    Great website!! Keep up the good work!!

  3. Tracy says:

    Oh, now I see. You are LDS and it is recommended that you all store food that could be used in case of emergencies/natural disasters, etc. Am I correct?

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