A friend of our family works for our local city offices.  He was recently required to attend a training meeting on the avian (bird) flu.  He was educated on the virus and how it would affect our community should it arrive in our area.  Although there have not been large numbers of documented cases of avian flu being passed person to person, there is the possibility of this happening, resulting in an epidemic.  The avian flu is an influenza A virus, which can mutate quickly, arousing concerns about strains becoming resistant to available drugs.   If one of these health issues were to arrive in your community, residents could be required to essentially quarantine themselves at home until the outbreak was under control.

I promise, I’m not becoming a hypocrite!  I still ally myself with the philosophy of preparation-not-panic, but I found the idea of having to be isolated due to a virulent outbreak good motivation to continue building a comprehensive food storage supply.  It has made me think about the items I would really miss if I couldn’t leave my house to pick them up.  Chocolate…or butter…or cheese…or toilet paper for instance. If education is motivation for you too, here is a link to more information from the CDC on avian flu: http://www.cdc.gov/flu/avian/gen-info/facts.htm

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  1. Tracy says:

    I guess that the reason I do not feel the need for a years worth of food put away in case of emergency is because we own a dairy farm and have food all around us. Am I mistaken to think that I don’t need to be prepared?

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