Another useful spice blend:

Montreal Steak Seasoning–we use this peppery blend every time we grill steaks.  We douse the steaks in worchestershire sauce and then sprinkle on the Montreal Steak Seasoning.  Sometimes we freeze the meat in this mixture so the steaks are marinated and ready to grill when they thaw.  It’s also great mixed into ground beef for flavorful hamburgers. Sprinkled over roasts, it makes drippings pre-seasoned for gravy.  Alison’s Pantry carries Montreal Steak Seasoning in economical 1 lb. bags.

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2 Comments to “More From the Spice Cupboard”

  1. Tauna says:

    Kim, I’m so totally inspired by the website. Thanks for all the work!
    I have been beefing up my food storage by following your suggestions and getting lots of AP spices. I’m so tickled with them!
    I love the variety.
    Thanks again for your work. Next on my list…can some beans!

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