I was just introduced to a fabulous food storage resource based on the bygone principle of making the most of what we have.  The author of Grandma’s Modern Inflation Fighters, Cherrie Sorenson, states in the book’s dedication: “Our Grandmother’s knew how to preserve, dry and stretch a little to feed a lot. This book is based on the same concept, using what we have in our refrigerators, pantries, cupboards and food storage to stretch what we have.”  Unlike many books in this genre, Grandma’s Modern Inflation Fighters is not a disorganized manual of varied homegrown tips. It’s clean, organized design invited me to peruse the great recipes and how-to ideas inside.  The recipes are simple and sound delicious, and they conjure up the memories of smells from your grandmother’s kitchen. Molasses Cookies, Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls, and Tangy Tamale Pie are three recipes I am anxious to try.  The cookbook has great information on using food storage products, and also features a nice section on homemade mixes, canning, sprouting and even using soy in your cooking. I am grateful to have this little gem in my collection and excited to recommend it to you. I know you’ll find it a great resource too.

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