TVP...tastes like chicken!

TVP...tastes like chicken!

I have shied away from TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) for years because, well, the name just isn’t appealing, but I’m glad I finally tried it.  TVP is a surprisingly tasty and healthful meat substitute that is perfect for long term food storage. It’s low fat, high in fiber, and provides necessary protein. Since it’s made from soy flour, it’s also a good choice for vegetarians. TVP is lighter weight and more economical to store than meat. In unopened cans, TVP will store for over 10 years.  Even after the can is opened, you can safely keep it sealed on your pantry shelf for a year. For the best flavor, reconstitute TVP in bouillon (Chicken TVP in chicken bouillon, Beef TVP in beef bouillon).  Then use it in any recipe calling for cooked, diced meat like soups, tacos, enchiladas, etc.  The flavor and texture are very convincing. I actually liked TVP so well, I am going to start rotating it with my other food storage items into my regular meals.

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2 Comments to “TVP…Ewww, or Oooh?”

  1. It’s wonderful that so many meat substitutes are available these days. Recently I have discovered “wheat meat” which is another high protein substitute for meat. Another great usage for the wheat in our food storage!

  2. Terrie says:

    That pizza looked really good! The TVP must have improved drastically over the years you’ve almost convinced me to try it again. I know it wasn’t on the pizza. Did you put it in a soup?

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