I have to pass on a simple, but great time-saving find.  Our family LOVES raspberry jam, especially on homemade bread.  I purchased frozen Dole Raspberry Crumbles from Alison’s Pantry to save money (because they are flavorful and a great savings over fresh berries in my area), but I ended up saving a lot of time as well.  Since these raspberries are already “crumbles,” I was able to skip the entire step of crushing the berries.  They cook down to perfection and make delicious jam in almost half the time. 

 These raspberries are also handy for sauces, or are a less-expensive way to add berries to fruit smoothies (no need for the glamour of whole berries if they are just going to be blended!). 

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One Comment to “Speedy Raspberry Jam”

  1. kerra says:

    This is the best recipe!
    My family now makes it all the time and i love it. it is so wonderful thank you so much. I would give this recipe to all my friends it is delicious. THANK YOU!!

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