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Shirley J manufactures a line of food products that make cooking really easy.  My favorite of their products is a Universal Sauce that I purchase through Alison’s Pantry.  Shirley J touts their Universal Sauce as “economical, foolproof, healthy, delicious, and the building block for thousands of recipes.” I love that it doesn’t have MSG. It really is a great product and now you can enter for a chance to try it or other Shirley J products for free!

Click HERE for instructions on entering to win this great food storage giveaway.

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2 Comments to “Shirley J Giveaway”

  1. What a fun contest! I’ve been checking out the Shirley J website and they have SO many recipes! Thanks for sharing this contest.

  2. Linda Sorden says:

    would love a chance to sample these products who knows I might become a big fan 🙂

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