pumpkin waffle

It’s a tradition in my household to prepare a fun breakfast for Conference Weekend (mostly because I like breakfast foods and this gives me a reason to make something special).  Unlike some people, I don’t think pumpkin recipes are just for the Fall months, so last weekend I tried this tasty recipe for Pumpkin Blender Wheat Waffles  from Everyday Food Storage. Instead of serving with the Caramel Syrup as suggested, I topped ours with some homemade apple pie filling , and of course a dollop of whipped cream. So delicious!

Canned pumpkin is one of my favorite food storage items.  It’s very nutritious and works so well in countless comforting recipes.  Don’t wait until Fall to enjoy this yummy waffle recipe.  With whole wheat flour and pumpkin, it makes for a healthy breakfast.  You can serve it with pure maple syrup or agave nectar for an even smarter option.

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3 Comments to “Pumpkin Whole Wheat Waffles”

  1. Kim N says:

    Mmmmmm, I might have to make some tonight. I love it with the caramel syrup, sliced bananas, and chopped walnuts. It makes it more of a dessert than a meal though!

  2. Carolyn says:

    I don’t have the whole wheat kernels but love ths sound of this recipe. Could you used whole wheat flour…..and if so how much?

    Thanks! Keep up the good work.

  3. Sterling says:

    You know, everything on this site, including this recipe works great for those not allergic to wheat, yeast, milk and eggs 😛


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