The milk mustache says it all.  It's that good!

The milk mustache says it all. It's that good!

I had mentioned in a previous post about the necessity of stocking powdered milk at my house, and having a supply of milk in the event of a two-week swine flu quarantine.  We are serious milk drinkers, so I know I have to store variations of powdered milk to have a long-term supply as well.  We don’t like the flavor of typical nonfat dry milk powder so I use that for baking and smoothies.  I store Morning Moo’s brand powdered milk products to supplement our storage and add variety for drinking.  Most children will drink chocolate milk, and Morning Moo’s can be served hot or cold to appeal to differing tastes. The #10 can provides instructions for mixing single servings or up to a gallon, and offers a few recipe variations adding cinnamon or almond flavoring.  To mix, hot water is added first to dissolve the powder and then cold water is added to complete the drink.  Then it is chilled before serving for best flavor.  Morning Moo’s come in a variety of flavors including plain, strawberry, orange and chocolate.  The #10 can will store for 10-15 years on your shelf.  If you are storing powdered milk for drinking, I strongly encourage stocking this brand because the flavor is far superior basic nonfat dry milk (i.e., much easier to get your family to drink).  My littlest taste-tester has been requesting it!

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4 Comments to “Chocolate Powdered Milk”

  1. Brittney says:

    That is very good to know!! I’d heard most people hate drinking powdered milk but had never actually heard of a variety that was liked. Do you like it plain? Or only with chocolate in it?

  2. Lisa says:

    I have a huge stockpile of the not-so-great-tasting powdered milk—I have found that if I mix a quart in with 2-3 quarts of store bought milk it makes my milk go further and the taste is no problem at all. I just mix it in a pitcher and keep it in the refrigerator. Good way to make it worthwhile to store larger quantities of the milk and still know it will get used and rotate through it within a couple years.

  3. Fern says:

    I have to tell you about the best powdered milk… I mean really good. It is called Country Cream. Made by Grandma’s Country Foods, in Sandy Utah. Seriously puts dried milk in a different caragory. It is not less expensive than fresh milk, but you will be able to actually drink it if you don’t have fresh milk.

  4. Kim says:

    I haven’t tried Country Cream yet, but I have heard the same thing…that it has the very best flavor. Thanks for the reminder to look into it.

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