Today I tried the new Lehi Mill Heart Healthy Oatmeal Cookie Mix.  Whenever a “treat” is labeled “healthy,” children (and many adults) tend to shy away.   My daughter had a friend visiting, so I figured it was a great time to present these new cookies to a panel of preteen judges.  The mix couldn’t be easier to stir up.  It only requires water.  I baked some cookies plain, and added some butterscotch chips to the remaining batter (because there is something fabulous about the oatmeal / butterscotch combination).  The aroma from the oven had the girls hovering in the kitchen before the timer rang.  The cookies baked up chewy and delicious and were nearly gone in 10 minutes.  The surviving 3 cookies went out the door in lunch boxes this morning.  Just as an experiment, I tried the cookie batter as a cobbler topping over some of my bottled peach pie filling.  It turned out scrumptious, and so simple!

I love to find a mix that makes my life simpler without compromising nutrition. A just-add-water mix is handy for food storage as well.  This mix from Lehi Mill is made with wheat flour and has no trans fat or saturated fat, which is unusual for packaged cookie mixes.  It also includes flaxmeal which provides Omega 3.  The important detail though, is that it actually tastes really good.

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