You can still enjoy fettuccine alfredo, with a few minor adjustments.

You can still enjoy fettuccine alfredo, with a few minor adjustments.

I had the opportunity to present a class today on simple changes we can make to improve our diets.  I love teaching this type of class because I always learn something new from the discussion with those who attend.  Thank you to all of the lovely ladies who attended the three sessions today.  I appreciate all of your comments and am anxious to try out some of your ideas.  It is fun to discuss the common goal of better health.

Although this presentation wasn’t on my typical preparedness theme, we did touch on several food storage items including grains, oils, sweeteners, and dehydrated fruits and vegetables.  Since freeze dried and dehydrated foods retain much more of their nutrients than their canned counterparts, these fruits and vegetables add beneficial nutrients to soups, casseroles, and many other recipes.  For any class attendees, I realized that I forgot to mention one of my favorite benefits of storing and using agave nectar! It has a nice 2-3 year shelf life, and doesn’t crystallize like honey. 

Anyway, if you missed the class but would like a copy of my handout, you can download it by clicking here: Stake Relief Society Healthy Foods Handout. This file includes the recipe alterations on the Pumpkin Sheet Cake.

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One Comment to “Little Changes Can Mean Big Health Benefits”

  1. Brittney says:

    I love the handout! You did a great job! And the food you let us sample was so good it was gone in no time. Wish I could’ve been there for your class. I bet you did a fabulous job.

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