Take a breadmaking class from home!

Take a breadmaking class from home!

Whether you are new to breadmaking or a seasoned baker,  you can learn from home at www.pantrysecrets.net.  Two women from Pleasant Grove, Utah started out offering breadmaking classes from their homes and now offer their class and recipes on DVD (as well as from their homes if you’re in the area.  Classes are $20 per person and you need to sign up for your class.).  What’s neat about their method is that the dough can be used for 50 different recipes, from standard loaves to Chicken Broccoli Braid and they boast that the bread can be made in an hour.  The DVD is available here for $17.99 and here for $19.99 to purchase.

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  1. Tammy says:

    My mom gave me this DVD with a great food storage binder (what I asked for for Christmas 🙂 ) and I have watched it over and over. I haven’t had the wheat version work to my liking yet. I think it needs an additional dough enhancer or something. I love the consistency and pliability of the dough. Their tips for how to create the “look” of the different types of breads can be used with other dough recipes as well. But at the end of the day, I wonder if I really want everything to taste like “bread.”

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