I didn’t think it could happen…but it has.  There is now another favorite zucchini bread recipe in my house.  I have been a loyal champion of my favorite recipe, a moist zucchini bread that stands out with a little lemon zest. But change can be good. So I tried the recipe that the ladies at Our Best Bites convincingly hyped as unbeatable…and it was pretty darn good.  Their Chocolate Zucchini Bread gains moistness from a little sour cream, and doesn’t just call for “accent” chocolate from chocolate chips.  It gives this bread a rich chocolate base from cocoa, and then sprinkles in the chocolate chips for a recipe with true chocolate chops! Our Best Bites has a great recipe index with lots of delicious creations. If you haven’t visited their site, be sure to stop by.

Photo from ourbestbites.com

With all the zucchini from this year’s harvest, there’s plenty to enjoy both recipes!

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2 Comments to “Another “Best” Zucchini Bread?”

  1. Tammy says:

    Yes! This is yummy. My daughter said “it’s too chocolaty.” Whose kid is she anyway?!?! Can you ever have too much chocolate? 🙂

  2. ron tucker says:

    I see a better breakfast ahead for me this week. Thanks

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