Yummy new healthy muffins from Lehi Mill.

Yummy new healthy muffins from Lehi Mill.

Alison, from Alison’s Pantry, was kind enough to send me more fun samples to play with, including this delicious new Lehi Mill mix for Multigrain Muffins.  The mix has a 1 year shelf life and only requires water so it’s great for simple meals and food storage.  You know me though, my favorite things about it are on the side of the box.  The mix has no trans fats, 3 grams of fiber per muffin, Omega 3’s, and organic grains…and it’s still the best tasting healthy muffin mix I have ever tasted.  (By the way, don’t waste your money on the new Fiber One muffin mixes…they cannot compare in health benefits or quality ingredients.)  I love that I can mix up healthy muffins in a flash on a hectic school-day morning.  The Lehi Mill Multigrain Muffin Mix has a good basic wheat / oat flavor that is great as-is, but I can’t leave it alone.  You can dress the muffins up with frozen blueberries or raspberry crumbles, or add raisins or nuts.  I think my favorite addition is chopped dried cherries and chopped pecans.  The muffins also pair great with AP’s jams.  Luckily the box comes with 4 pouches, so you can make your first batch just as the box directs and then let yourself go crazy with the other pouches.  These muffins are obviously great for breakfast but they also make a healthy after-school snack.

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