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I mentioned SKS Bottle & Packaging several weeks ago as a great site to purchase jars and bottles in a variety of sizes.  I received the sample containers above and immediately began debating what would go into their fun shapes.  SKS has a wonderful selection of jars for storing just about anything, but I love their unique containers for gifts from the kitchen.  If you dry your own herbs, you’ll love the little clear glass bottles with cork closures.  They will keep your home-grown treasures fresh, and add style to your spice cupboard. I also like the hexagonal glass jar for storing herbs and spices.

My husband makes great homemade barbecue sauce, so I was excited to see the sauce bottles that are perfect for homemade sauces or marinades. You can even dress them up with a custom label from your home printer, and give them as a unique gift.

If you make cookie or brownie mixes in jars for the holidays, SKS has nice prices on basic jars with gold metal caps.

To add a little beauty to your food storage and homemade recipes, check out SKS Bottle.

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2 Comments to “Great Jars for Gift-Giving”

  1. I can see those being awesome gifts for the holidays! Great find.


  2. Nice idea. My husband and I tried generic glass jars for our kitchen, but since we got our hands onto Infinity Jars, we only use them for our food storage. The jars are awesome for food with their UV glass technology and airtight, scent proof facility.

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