If this site and many others online haven’t inspired you to put some effort into building a well-rounded food storage supply and learning to use it, I think this article on the global food demand will add some encouragement.


I found it scary initially, but then thought, “Isn’t this why we’re trying to be diligent about preparedness?”  I still feel faith instead of fear will keep us fed.  Be consistent and organized with planning your food storage, and continue to improve your supply week by week.

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3 Comments to “Food Prices to Double By 2030”

  1. The article was very hopeful I think and they obviously aren’t looking at the current rate of inflation. Of course mainstream news outlets aren’t really mentioning that taboo inflation subject. Food prices are going up even now at an alarming rate, and with the current petroleum based agricultural system, things are clearly not sustainable. I have faith in a new food growing methods that will surface with neccesity, but in the meantime there will be hiccups in supply infrastructure.

  2. Pablo says:

    With all the natural disasters around the world, making sure your family is prepared is top priority. Adding freeze dried food storage makes being prepared easy!

  3. ron tucker says:

    I think your 2030 prediction is a little off. I could see this happening by 2017.

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