I’m a busy wife and mother of five children who has always had a passion for food. I love to cook and bake.  Now that I am responsible for my own family, I really see the importance of building a food storage…and knowing how to use it.  The web offers a wealth of great food storage and preparedness resources, but I hope my site serves as a sort of “girlfriend’s guide” to these topics with first hand reviews of food storage and preparedness products and recipes.  Hopefully it saves you time and money if I try it first!  I’d like this site to become a community of like-minded people where we can share resources, ideas, and recipes and direct each other to useful information on home food production.  I think all of these things help us prudently prepare for life’s challenges, or possible disasters.

Through All About Food Storage, I met Alison Chuntz, owner of Alison’s Pantry, and she hired me as her company Sales Manager.  So, I review a lot of products that Alison’s Pantry offers and many of our Representatives visit the site for ideas.

I’m a “foodie.”  I product test and review food products, cookbooks and kitchen equipment.  You’ll see these reviews under Test Kitchen. If you have a product you’d like me to try, and review on my my site, please e-mail me.

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2 Comments to “About Me”

  1. Lucy Drake says:


    This wonderful! This will be a great resource for food storage.
    Your mom mentioned your website at our book club tonight.

    Best wishes,
    Lucy Drak

  2. Mindy Gordon says:

    I publish the Mix-A-Meal Cookbook. It teaches people how to use and rotate their food storage on a daily basis by making mixes out of basic dehydrated foods. I’d love to send you a book if you would like to do a review. We’d also love it if you would link to our website and our parent company Call me if you have questions at 801-226-4188. Thanks, Mindy